Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vigil Aunty*

*My first ever completely digitally drawn page. Looks like an ACK comic**

**On a related note, wish they had not stopped drawing this.

*** 17/03/0 On a completely related note: A few months after I drew this, a friend congratulated me on getting a Vigil Aunty comic featured on Newslaundry. This was strange considering the fact that I had never heard of them wanting to publish my Vigil Aunty. So I went to the link he shared and saw this version of Vigil Aunty drawn by Appupen who, in my opinion- is a very talented artist. 
Don't get me wrong, I believe that I cannot be the only one to have ideas like these. Even though a concept can be developed by two people who seemingly do not have any connection to each other, it can a have different expression as in the case of Vigil Aunty.
Well there is a (somewhat) far fetched connection, though. Both of our comics have been featured in two separate comics anthologies by comixindia almost seven years ago!   


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